Thursday, March 31, 2016

Hello blog World

Hello blog world! This is my first blog post and I'm super excited to share my thoughts and experience with whoever wants to read it! We are a family of 6 which includes myself,  my husband,  and our 4 beautiful children.
I'm a stay at home mommy to little ones who are 6,5,2, and 4 month old. As you can imagine things get a bit chaotic around here. I don't go to bed with an empty sink every night and I often wake up to a pile of unwashed laundry that magically appeared while everyone was in bed. My kids aren't always wearing matching socks and there is always a good chance there is spit up or milk stains on my shirt. 
I get asked often "how do you do it?" My answer is always "well it ain't pretty!? 
This year I really made it a goal of mine to get our lives a little less chaotic. I want to get our home less cluttered, more organized, and more functional!
Another big goal is to use my frugal/cheap ways to save even more and spend a lot less. I am a coupon addict. Hi my name is Apryl and yes if you get behind me in line you have been warned I have a coupon for everything in my cart. There is no way to explain the feeling of having a cart full of food and paying literally pennies. 

With all that said I'd like to invite you to join me as we make changes in our lives,  make memories,  and grow together. We have made it our mission to become healthier,  to live more frugal,  and to find new and fun ways to stay organized in our home.